Online Tarot Card Reading

We get to the heart of your unique situation and design an appropriate Tarot card layout to reach the most insightful answers. Jodie will carry out your reading and does not approach Tarot from the position of a psychic, but has built an intuitive relationship with the cards and will guide the session using their rich symbolism.

These sessions are available for 30 minutes and are perfect if you're looking to gain deeper insight into a situation or if there's a crossroads coming up or decisions to be made. $65 per 30 minute session.

We also offer year ahead options:

45 minutes $95: Astrological twelve houses spread - interpreting a card for each of the twelve areas of life

60 minutes $125: Fool's journey spread - interpreting a card for each of the areas of life represented by the Major Arcana cards

After booking, we'll be in contact to arrange a suitable time for the session. If an agreeable time cannot be reached a full refund will be given. Our online booking system is coming soon!

The session will be held via Zoom and the cards will be selected by us using the Rider Waite edition.