Tarot Card Reading

✨Available online and at the Salt Spring Island Wellness Centre

Jodie will carry out your reading, she has built a deeply intuitive relationship with the cards and has a Master's degree in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred. She will guide the session using the rich symbolism of the cards and will get to the heart of your unique situation by selecting an appropriate Tarot card layout. 

The sessions are available for either 30 minutes , 45 minutes or 60 minutes depending on your needs. A wide range of spreads are available, for in-depth readings Jodie often uses the traditional ten card celtic cross layout or designs unique tailor-made spreads to reach the most insightful answers.

30 minutes: $65

45 minutes: $95

60 minutes: $125

Recommended in-depth options also include:

Astrological twelve houses spread - interpreting a card for each of the twelve areas of life

Fool's journey spread - interpreting a card for each of the areas of life represented by the Major Arcana cards

To book an online session via Zoom, email jodie@westcoastskies.com to arrange an appointment and confirm your time slot. Wait times are currently around three weeks.