5 Week Introduction to Divination: Oct-Nov 2019

Monday Evenings 7-9pm
October 21st, 28th, November 4th, 18th, 25th 
Dunbar Community Centre, 
4747 Dunbar Street, Vancouver

Divination can be defined as 'the practice of seeking wisdom considered to be beyond the range of ordinary human understanding', and is used to reveal to us hidden knowledge or guidance through non-rational, imaginative means. It does this by connecting us with something divine through the power of symbol. Symbol straddles the liminal and has the power to link the visible and the invisible, to open the veil between the worlds, what is conscious and what is unconscious.

Any divinatory system provides us with symbols that we may use to enter into and participate with the mystery, not in order to pin down the meaning but to open oneself to possible meanings. Join us for a free five week introduction to divinatory methods including the following techniques:

Week 1 October 21st - Introduction and Gematria - alphanumeric code by Sabina Magliocco

Week 2 October 28th - Norse rune stones by Jodie Miller

Week 3 November 4th - Pendulum making and practice by Louise Bunn

Week 4 November 18th - Coffee grounds reading by Roya Salar

Week 5 November 24th - Tarot card reading by Louise Bunn and Jodie Miller

Address: 4747 Dunbar St, Vancouver, BC V6S 2H2

Refreshments will be provided.

These workshops are completely free thanks to a Neighbourhood Small Grant from the Vancouver Foundation.

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Any questions? Email info@westcoastskies.com 

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