5 Week Intro to Astrology: July - August 2019

Wednesday Evenings 7-9pm
July 31, August 7, August 14, August 21, August 28
St James Community Square,
3214 West 10th Avenue, Kitsilano, Vancouver

Astrology provides us with a rich language to navigate our lives and a powerful tool for deepening our understanding of ourselves and our loved ones.

The course covers how to interpret birth charts - a snapshot of the sky at the time we were born, acting as a blueprint or a seed containing the potential for our lives. Join us to discover what your birth chart says about you.

You'll learn:

  • The origins and rich mythology of western astrology
  • Astronomy basics
  • Birth charts - interpreting the planets, houses, signs and aspects
  • A modern perspective on astrology including Carl Jung's theories of synchronicity, archetypes and the collective unconscious
  • How to use astrology tactfully and ethically

You'll receive:

  • A copy of your birth chart
  • Detailed notes, resources and exercises to deepen your skillset
  • Guidance and support as you explore the inner workings of your personality, relationships and the driving forces in your life
  • A class size limited to 12

Our classes are facilitated by Jodie Miller, MA Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred.

NOTE: For birth chart interpretation you'll need your time of birth. If you don't know it, try asking family members or the hospital where you were born. If not, you can still gain a basic level of insight from date alone, or try the chart of a loved one or favourite celebrity for the deeper work.

Any questions? Email: info@westcoastskies.com

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