Astrology Reading

✨ Available online and at the Salt Spring Island Wellness Centre. 

Discover what your birth chart says about your life, personality, relationships and the unique gifts you bring to this world. 

In a 60 minute consultation you'll gain insight into the meaning of your chart including the planets, zodiac signs and houses, highlighting the major themes, potentials and opportunities for growth.

We can take a general look at the chart or dive more fully into a specific area of inquiry for example love, relationships, career, travel. Whatever your question, the birth chart will reveal rich wisdom as a map to your inner depths.

Combine your reading with a Tarot spread and shine a light on a particular query.

60 minutes astrology reading $195

90 minutes astrology reading + tarot layout $245

Your time of birth is needed. You'll still gain a lot of insight from the date of birth alone, but the level we can work with is limited. Try asking a relative or the hospital where you were born to find out if they have a record.

Your reading will be with Jodie Miller, MA Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury Christ Church University and trained at the London Faculty of Astrological Studies. Forecasting techniques or issues surrounding health or fertility will not be covered. You're welcome to contact me for recommendations of Astrologers who specialize in these areas.

To book an online session via Zoom, email to arrange an appointment and confirm your time slot. Wait times are currently around three weeks.