Workshop Facilitators

Jodie Miller Facilitator

Jodie Miller

Jodie launched West Coast Skies to share her passion for mythology and the gift it has to connect us with our innermost selves, to develop our intuition and to make our dreams a reality.

Jodie has an MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred and is based on the magical Salt Spring Island where she runs a variety of workshops, classes and consults in astrology, tarot and other divinatory traditions. 

During the retreat, Jodie will be providing an introduction to modern wicca and earth based spirituality as well as leading the Samhain and Full Moon rituals.


Natalia Guspanova Yoga
Natalia Guspanova

After experiencing some turbulent moments when her body and spirit were broken, Natalia embraced yoga to align her body and mind, and to help heal her wounds. Natalia has since fallen in love with the yoga lifestyle and practices daily in addition to her breathing and meditation practice, which she considers vital to her wellbeing. 

Natalia loves to help people connect mind, body and soul through yoga and spiritual practice to become the best version of themselves. Her preferred styles of yoga are gentle yin, restorative and vinyasa flow yoga. Natalia will be leading morning yoga classes, suitable for beginners and advanced students throughout the retreat.


Kate Kunicky Crystals

Kate Kunicky

Kate is a true West Coast soul. Having been born in Vancouver and raised in the Okanagan, one would say she's a city girl with a country heart. 

Being a true student of life, Kate has followed her dreams and reimagined them along the way as challenges have crossed her path. Being naturally drawn to crystals from a young age, they've always been part of her life, but it wasn’t until she was entrenched with grief and experienced a re-awakening to her true being that she really delved into their healing powers. Through her own pursuits and with the help of spiritual teachers and mentors, she now offers spiritual empathic coaching to others.

Kate finds great joy in sharing her vast spiritual knowledge and experience, and will be leading a Pendulum making workshop and offering Tarot readings during the retreat.

Holly Hayes

 Holly Hayes

 A deep connection with the Angels and 'the other side' ⁠has brought Holly to a new level in her gift. ⁠Her trust in the universe and divine timing has allowed her to step into power and connect with the Oracle Cards in a way that delivers messages to guide you onto the right path. ⁠

Having lost touch with spirituality in the past, Holly wants to reassure others that you can pick up where you left off and continue on your journey at any given time. All you have to do is believe. ⁠Simply keep an open mind, ask for what you want and surrender your fears to the universe. Holly will be providing angel oracle readings during the retreat. ⁠


Crystal Bowl Workshop

Jan Morrison

Jan has extensive experience as a Reiki Master and ran a spiritual healing practice for many years. 

Jan will be providing us with an immersive crystal bowl sound bath experience, to lead us into a deeply relaxing state of meditation.




Forest Heart Botanicals
Larkin  Schmiedl 

Larkin Schmiedl owns and runs Forest Heart Botanicals on Salt Spring Island and strives to provide high-quality herbal medicine services, driven by the desire for ecological and social justice.

Larkin sees herbal medicine as one way we can connect more deeply with nature, and believes strengthening that connection is one of the most vital things needed in the world today. Building reciprocal relationships with plants that encourage their flourishing as much as providing medicine is deeply important to him. Larkin will be leading the making natural oils from wild plants workshop.

We can't wait to share this experience with you!