Weekend Retreat Workshops

Connecting with the Chakras
The chakra system originated in India more than 4,000 years ago and has recently been integrated into modern holistic healing practice. The chakras are wheels or discs of energy that express our spiritual energy within our physical bodies. We each have seven major chakras from the base of our spine to the crown of our heads - root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Each fulfils a different role in guiding our human experience. In this workshop we'll learn:
- The dynamics of each chakra, their tasks and needs
- How to identify any blockages and examine our relationship with each chakra
- Healing modalities to restore balance and regain access to their full power, leading us to better trust and rely on our intuition and inner knowing.
Introduction to Crystals
Created by the natural energies of the planet over millennia, human beings have been drawn to crystals since the dawn of time for use in rites and ritual, divination, mediation and healing remedies. Crystals are powerful tools for emotional wellbeing and spiritual development, opening us up to change and embracing new possibilities. Join us to discover:
- How to identify crystals, their uses and properties
- Which crystals you're naturally drawn to
- Practical exercises to connect with and harness their energy to manifest change in your life.
Wild Plant Connection & Meditation

Identifying natural herbs and plants connects us deeply with our surroundings and the natural world. By intentionally and lovingly seeking natural sources of food and medicine, we encounter an ancient part of ourselves and foster exploration, wonder and discovery of local plants and their habitats. Salt Spring Island abounds with opportunities for wild harvesting, join us:
- For a guided walk through the summer woodlands, focusing on the plants around us with awareness that we're on the unceded territory of the Saanich, Cowichan and Chemainus First Nations
- To learn how to identify plants, to harvest for food and medicine ethically and sustainably and create a nourishing herbal tea from our findings
- To focus our hearts on building reciprocal relationships with the plant world including meditative activities.
Aligning with Spirit
Building on what we've learnt during the chakras workshop, we come to see ourselves as spiritual beings living a human experience. Each of us has access to the wisdom and spiritual guidance of our higher selves, however through our wounds, negative experiences and cultural conditioning we distance ourselves from our sense of inner knowing and inner truth. Based on healing sessions attended in Wales with drhelenford.co.uk, this workshop provides:
- An understanding of our connection to the pure love of the spiritual dimension
- Insight into how we can express our souls fully in our bodies and how this expression becomes blocked 
- Activities to trust and reconnect with our intuition and inner rightness to align with spirit and the life we desire.
Yoga Classes
We'll begin each morning with a gentle yoga class to bring mind, body and soul into balance. The classes will be slow paced with basic postures suitable for those new to yoga. Yoga provides us with a balance between effort and surrender and brings attention to the breath of life, helping to still the mind and bring loving presence to each moment. Join us to:
- Start the day with a deeper sense of peace and ease
- Increase mental clarity and calm
- Feel enlivened, centred and grounded.
Optional Tarot Readings

A journey through the Tarot cards is essentially a journey into our own depths, providing us with a mirror of our psyche. By viewing the images of the cards, we come to know ourselves more deeply and get in touch with our innermost selves. Several workshop facilitators and guests have previously attended West Coast Skies' Tarot reading classes and will be available during optional evening sessions to give readings, or receive them depending on your level of experience.

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