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Astrology & Tarot 2019/20 Students Say...

Tarot Students:

"This was an amazing introductory course into Tarot. I already feel so much more confident in my own abilities and insights. Jodie's way of teaching and leading a class is so supportive and open. Thank you." Kate

"The class was amazing. Time flew and I got so many great insights about myself. The class gave me the confidence to trust myself and my intuition. Thank you. You are a truly special individual. I loved the class and am looking forward to level two." Zahra

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to have explored the Tarot with Jodie in an intimate class environment. I have gained so many personal insights and increased confidence in my own inner guidance. Thank you!" Marie

"I loved the course. It definitely made me focus more on my intuition rather than the guidebook. I found new ways to interpret the cards and do readings. Overall I love the people who took the course with me and Jodie is an amazing guide. Thank you!" Natalia

"Jodie's beginner course helped me de-mystify the Tarot without taking the magic away. I gained a deeper understanding of the symbolism and learned to create a meaningful narrative with the cards. Thanks so much." Leta

"Jodie is a fantastic teacher! She is knowledgeable, passionate about the subject, and great at initiating insightful dialogue around the topic. I look forward to taking another course with her again!" Gabby

"Jodie's approach to teaching this class provides a safe and welcoming opportunity for learning, sharing and connecting with yourself and others. She teaches the basic understanding of the cards, their symbolic and esoteric meaning and how to feel confident when doing a reading. I highly recommend this experience. I enjoyed every minute of this class and look forward to attending her intermediate sessions in the future." Dawn

“I had been curious to learn the Tarot for years and purchased many books but it seemed a foreign concept. Taking the Intro to Tarot class made a huge difference, each week we became increasingly aware and open to our intuition – we became more attuned to ourselves, to those around us, and to our places in the greater context of society and universe. Of course, the laughter, shared stories, and a sense of reverence to kindness were the icing on the cake. The newly enhanced intuition I use to better my relationships at home and work. Thank You, Jodie!" Andre

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Astrology Students:

"It was such a pleasure to be a student in Jodie’s Astrology 101 class. She is incredibly well-versed in astrological concepts and highly skilled in her knowledge of birth chart analysis. She was warm, passionate, and patient in her teaching method and I can’t thank her enough for igniting my passion to pursue astrology studies further!" Aisha

"Jodie is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and caring teacher. Her astrology course has provided me with the skills I need to confidently explore my own chart and help others interpret theirs." Jennifer

"Jodie is an excellent teacher. She made learning astrology fun and easy to understand." Devon

"The course really helped me to understand myself better in depth, which allowed me to accept and love myself as who I am." Julie

"This course is a great opportunity to reflect on the relevance of astrology in history and in our daily lives. It has whetted my appetite to learn more." Gail

"Jodie is a great teacher and she's able to interpret historical knowledge of astrology and relate it to our modern times. She is very clear and has a natural ability to relay this complex topic step by step so that a beginner can really follow and absorb the information. I highly recommend this class!" Ingrid

"Astrology is something I am fascinated by but knew very little about, it was like learning a whole new language! Jodie made it easy to understand and an enlightening experience that opened my eyes to a whole new world of discovery and insight." Kelly

"Jodie is a great teacher. She is knowledgeable, patient, kind and caring. The course is definitely beyond the material value it costs." Ran


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