Covid-19 Resources

Some resources to connect with your inner self and manage feelings of anxiety, fear and frustration during quarantine. 

Technique One: Using Our Chakras as a Guide

Connecting with our chakras to alert us when we’ve been triggered into a negative state, and guide us back to a calm centre. 

Technique Two: Guided Breathing & Visualization

A guided breathing and visualization technique to release pent up energy and find a calm centre to keep with you throughout the day.

 Technique Three: Tree of Life Grounding Meditation

A journey through the chakras for grounding and deep connection with Earth and sky energy. Meditation script adapted from Finer Minds.

Astrological Empowerment 

Astrology Covid-19

Astrologers have long been forecasting that 2020 would be a year of deep transformation and upheaval of the status quo. Read this blog post to examine what the clues were and how the current situation is reflected by the planets to consider how astrology can help us to embrace change and emerge from this in a newer version of the world.