Student Testimonials

Divination & Lunar Magic 2019/20 Students Say...

Divination Students:

"Jodie & Louise are the ultimate instructors: approachable, understandable, organized and effective. They make you feel like a valued participant and deliver far more than they promise. An enriching experience, thanks!" Wendy

"Jodie & Louise's courses are insightful, fun and action oriented! I am grateful for their teaching and will continue to practice and develop my new skills." Marie

"Jodie & Louise are fascinating instructors, well versed in a variety of divination methods. They both bring enthusiasm, wisdom and charm to engage, challenge and inform course participants." Naomi

"Jodie & Louise have a very eloquent way of speaking towards the subject matter that does not feel at all contrived - but as though the subjects speak through their voice of openness and positivity." Ingrid

"Thank you Jodie & Louise. Everything I've learnt the past few weeks has been super fun and interesting. It's awakened a need to learn more and I know for sure now that I'm going to love learning to understand them all." Czarina

"Jodie & Louise's knowledge of divination and esoteric subjects inspires me to continue my own study and practice further." Leta

"Excellent introduction to divination explained in such an easy, open atmosphere with so much acceptance of universal connectedness!" Siti

Divination Class Students

 Lunar Magic Students:

"Jodie is warm, loving and highly intuitive. All ritual practices stem from a pure loving high-energy source and allow you to move through the course material to form a deeper understanding of yourself, mind, body, & spirit, as it aligns with the Moon and your natural state of flow." Nicole

"Jodie is an excellent facilitator, I really enjoyed learning how to cast circles, perform rituals relative to the Moon and connecting with nature. I also loved learning about the ancient mythologies and the gods and goddesses of Wiccan beliefs." Coral

"This is my second round of classes with Jodie. I truly feel like I am finding myself in the process as well as healing. It is so valuable if you are questioning anything in your life and you truly feel the support. Thank you Jodie" Kate

"I absolutely loved this course! Jodie introduced us to so much information with hands-on practices as well. Not knowing anything about Wicca, I was able to truly appreciate it and how it also related to my own religion and spiritual practice." Siti

"Jodie is an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable on the subject of lunar magic and also paganism as a whole. I feel like she could answer any questions thrown at her! I learned so much from the classes with Jodie that has really improved my everyday practice. I'm very excited to try more classes with her!" Steph

"I always enjoy working with Jodie, she's very helpful and insightful, knowledgable and cares about each student. Absolutely wonderful experience, I hope to take another class again soon." Ran

"I'valways been fascinated and moved by the Moon, so it's nice to know how it affects us and why, rooted in not only the spiritual teachings but the science too. Jodie knows how to integrate information gently as to not overwhelm us with new knowledge while still quenching our desire to dive deep into the esoteric." Kelly

Lunar Magic Class

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