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Jodie Miller 

Hi there! I'm Jodie and I'm based on the magical Salt Spring Island and in Vancouver, BC. I host a variety of workshops, classes and consults related to astrology, tarot and other mythological traditions.


I'm passionate about the power of myth and symbol, and the gift it has to connect us with our innermost selves, to develop our intuition and to make our dreams a reality.


"Myths are clues to our spiritual nature. They help guide us to a sacred place within." Joseph Campbell


I'm extremely grateful that over a period of ten years, I've lived, worked in and explored many countries. After extensive travel through India and being exposed to a world where spirituality is living and breathing in day to day life, I returned to the western world with a bad headache and a severe case of reverse culture shock. My heart was wide open but my head said no, and with my first degree in Civil Engineering I needed to understand my experiences rationally.

To deal with this inner conflict, I completed a Master's degree in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred at Canterbury Christ Church University. It provided me with a sturdy platform and a framework for approaching the esoteric, the spiritual and the mystical. I no longer feel a divide between my science loving brain, and my passion for the magic that flows through our lives. 

I started West Coast Skies to share my love of mythology and to help others unlock the wisdom it has to offer. I've been using tarot cards for seven years and have studied astrology since 2010 - informally in Australia and India and formally in the UK with the London Faculty of Astrological Studies. After relocating to Canada in 2016, I've been teaching courses in astrology, tarot and earth based spirituality ever since. 

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We look forward to meeting you soon,

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With a deep love for nature, 5% of profits are donated to BC's Ancient Forest Alliance.