Virgo New Moon

Today, August 30th 2019 we're blessed with a beautiful New Moon in Virgo. A New Moon takes place around once a month when the Sun and Moon are in perfect alignment. By following the Moon and her phases, we're given an opportunity to connect with the cycles and rhythms of the natural world and embed them within our lives. 

As the Moon travels through the wheel of the Zodiac and the circle of our birth charts, she brings light and potential with her movement. By using the Moon as a natural calendar and a mirror back to ourselves, we find a guide to look within and cultivate self-connection. 

The energy of this particular New Moon is shaped by the qualities of Virgo - purifying, grounding, organizing and caring for our wellbeing. La Luna is also conjunct (at one with) passion planet Mars and receives a harmonious flow of energy from innovator, Uranus. The energy of this New Moon offers an opportunity to set an intention, start afresh or launch a new beginning with courage and authenticity.

Virgo Zodiac Image

Virgo highlights themes of planning, health and being of service to others. Have you over-indulged over the Summer? Use this as a time to get back on track, focus your goals and revisit progress at the upcoming Full Moon September 13th (Pacific Time).

"Manifesting with the Moon's cycles as a cosmic timer dramatically boosts our chances of becoming accomplished conscious creators and deliberate manifestors." Yasmin Boland, Moonology.

Tip: Create an altar in a safe space. Meditate and feel your intention. Write it out as fully as you can and add it to the altar. Adorn the altar with Virgo symbols and 'correspondences', objects that have a natural affinity with the sign:

Colours: green, brown, yellow

Herbs/garden: maple, hyacinth, lavender, lily of the valley, violet, dill, fennel

Stones: aventurine, lapis lazuli, tourmaline, agate, jade, carnelian, sapphire

At the Full Moon, revisit your altar. Have you made progress? Do you wish to continue? Review.

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