Tarot Class Vancouver

We can't believe Astrology and Tarot Summer School 2019 is already over! It's been such a rich, rewarding and enjoyable experience to share with these two groups of beautiful souls. Both classes, Astrology 101 and Tarot for Beginners were held at St James Community Square in beautiful Kitsilano, Vancouver.

During the Tarot classes the students learned how to interpret the cards intuitively through a variety of exercises. By building a personal connection and relationship with the cards, the art of reading and interpreting becomes much more fluid, enjoyable and rewarding than needing to refer to guidebooks. The class was really surprised by how quickly their skills improved by using these methods to develop and trust their intuition.   

Jodie Miller Teaching Tarot

The students were guided in interpreting symbols, reading empathically, keeping a tarot journal, creating sacred space and were introduced to key spreads and basic numerology.  I was delighted with their progress and am already confident in their abilities to give meaningful and empowering readings for others.

Tarot Summer School

During Astrology 101, the students were given all the tools they need to interpret their birth charts. We covered the planets, zodiac signs, houses, angles, aspects and an introduction to astronomy. Astrology goes way beyond the daily 'star signs' and the students loved how the birth chart can provide a map on the journey to self discovery. 

Astrology Class Material

 As well as the birth chart technical basics, we looked at the history and philosophy of astrology and tackled the question, 'what is astrology?' Is it a science, an art form, a means of divination, a philosophy, a type of psychology, or is it magic?' By the end of the course, the students had completely expanded their ideas about the potential that astrology has to offer us.

We finished with a New Moon workshop for the August 30th New Moon in Virgo. By connecting with the purifying, practical and organized energy of Virgo, we used the opportunity of the New Moon to set intentions for our own unique dreams and visions through a guided meditation and simple ritual. 

Moon Phases Sketch

Are you interested in learning more about astrology and tarot? Check out our upcoming Vancouver classes here and see what the students have to say in their testimonials. With love and gratitude to them all for making Summer School such a beautiful experience.