Aligning with Spirit Weekend Retreat

"Wow! What an amazing weekend full of love, beautiful energy and amazing humans!" - Amanda, Vancouver

I feel so blessed that our Aligning with Spirit weekend retreat on magical Salt Spring Island was a resounding success 💖 An incredible experience of spiritual growth, healing, deep connection with nature and a coming together of ten beautiful souls. All while maintaining high levels of safety measures including social distancing, sanitizing and the use of masks and gloves where necessary.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the Covid-19 situation, I felt inspired to create a weekend opportunity to escape the events of 2020 and provide replenishment to our spiritual selves. I'm so grateful to those who encouraged me and for trusting the vision to plan this magical experience, bringing even greater joy than hoped for. 


At the start of every morning we were eased into the day with peace and ease through the nourishing yoga classes led by our amazing yogini, Natalia. She spoilt us with gentle yoga postures and routines as well as meditation and aromatherapy to connect mind, body and spirit for the days ahead. 

Our first workshop was an introduction to healing crystals, our deeply intuitive facilitator, Kate shared her journey and knowledge of crystals, cleansed the group with palo santo and gifted us with gorgeous crystal kits to take home. We learnt how to identify, cleanse and connect with their energy as well as creating crystal grids to focus their energies for a specific purpose or intention.  


In the afternoon we enjoyed a mindful beach walk to really tune into the four elements of earth, air, fire and water and feel gratitude for experiencing them through our senses as human beings. Earth grounds us and relates to the physical, material world and our bodies, air relates to thinking and communication, fire relates to passion and creativity, and water relates to emotions and sensitivity. We meditated and let our intuition guide us to select natural objects, sharing why the objects felt special to each of us and adding them to our group altars, honouring the sacred elements and directions.


Our final workshop of the day was an introduction to the chakra system - an exploration of the seven major chakras, what they are, how they function, connecting with past memories stored in them and learning how to recognize blocks and imbalances within ourselves. I warned the group before the exercise - spiritual growth isn't always a fun process! The choice to heal and balance ourselves requires the willingness to explore areas of darkness and hurt, and the commitment to work on and release ingrained patterns and beliefs to better connect with our intuition and our higher selves.
At the end of the first day the group relaxed under the stars at the ocean view resort, bonding laughing and exchanging Tarot card readings ✨

On the second day I planned a surprise for the group and invited the fantastic Jan Morrison to provide us with a crystal bowl sound bath. This was a truly mesmerizing experience, guiding us into a deep state of relaxation and feeling swept away as the crystal sounds soothed and brought healing to our chakras.


"The crystal bowl experience was otherworldly and I could gladly listen to the sound of it all day long." - Julie, Vancouver

From this state of relaxation we took part in the final Aligning with Spirit workshop. Here we explored the nature of our connection to the spiritual dimension and experiences of how we've become disconnected from our true selves. We took part in exercises to identify how we can shift from negative states and experiences to return to the free flowing expression of our souls, and how to use the chakra system as a tool for manifesting our soul's desires.

On our last sunny Sunday afternoon we headed into the forest to meet our facilitator Larkin for a guided nature walk. He introduced us to several species of plants and their medicinal properties, led a meditation session amongst the ancient Douglas Fir trees and hosted a tea ceremony on the secluded beach at the end of the trail.


On our final morning we experienced our last yoga session with an ocean view and took part in a closing circle to share our key learnings and favourite memories of the weekend. I say this all the time and I truly mean it - the best part about running West Coast Skies is the amazing people that I get to meet. It's so rewarding to see friendships being formed and a community of likeminded souls supporting each other in our spiritual growth and personal journeys. If you're interested in joining our next retreat, send an email to to register your interest, we'd love to see you there.


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Retreat Feedback

🙏 Blessed be xxx