Scorpio New Moon

As Samhain approaches on October 31st and we move into the darkest time of the year, tonight's New Moon takes place in the deep, intense and mystical water sign of Scorpio. As with all New Moons we have a special opportunity for new beginnings, to plant seeds and set intentions, however tonight's New Moon will be especially potent.

Keywords for Scorpio are mystery, passion, insight and determination. Refusing to sit at surface level, this zodiac sign encourages us to shine a light on the deepest depths and turn towards what's hidden in the shadows.

Scorpio is represented not only by the infamous Scorpion and its protective sting, but by multiple symbols known as the three totems of ScorpioFirst is the Scorpion with its deep-seated will to survive and capacity to pull through any challenge, limited however by its secrecy, protectiveness and defensive stance. Yet once a new level of self-mastery is attained, the next evolutionary step is taken to that of the Eagle. Still maintaining shrewd insight and an ability to strike at a moment's notice, but now soaring to new heights with a greater level of freedom. In the final stages of Scorpio's metamorphosis, we see the ultimate archetype of regeneration, the Phoenix.

 Phoenix Scorpio Symbol

Consumed by flames and rising from the ashes, the Phoenix emerges anew, young, powerful and totally transformed. The ultimate metaphor for the cycle of life, death and rebirth, Scorpio shows us the path of creation, destruction and renewal. 

The modern ruling planet of Scorpio is Pluto, with its name originating from the Greek, plouton, meaning the rich, the richness presented to us from the depths of the underworld. And tonight's New Moon is also in opposition to revolutionary planet, Uranus bringing an additional quality of shaking loose or setting free.

And so we are offered a quest, a doorway leading to a greater awareness of the treasure deep within. How can we make the most of this energy?

  • Divination - with Samhain approaching, the veil between our natural world and the spiritual is said to be at its thinnest. Use a system such as Tarot or rune stones to connect with your deeper self for guidance.
  • Vulnerability - Scorpio craves intimacy and deeper levels of relationship. Share your desires with your partner or respond to that unanswered message in your dating app.
  • Dreamwork - start a dream journal and tap into the secrets of your inner realm.
  • Purge - clear our your closets and donate anything you don't need. Make space for the new.
  • Rise like the Phoenix - transform a memory from the past by seeing the highest wisdom in it, what were the lessons you took from it that will enrich your life in the future?
  • Goal-setting - get clear on your passions and deepest desires.

Create an altar in a safe space. Meditate and feel your intentions. Adorn the altar with Scorpio symbols and 'correspondences', objects that have a natural affinity with the sign:

Colours: black, blue, red

Herbs/garden: basil, blackberry, lily, ginger, thistle

Stones: bloodstone, carnelian, garnet, jasper, ruby, tourmaline, zircon

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