Musk Deer Fable

Several years ago, I attended yoga school in Rishikesh, northern India, and as part of this training we delved deeply into yogic philosophy.  Gathered in a circle by the Ganges river, the lovable old teacher used to chuckle to himself as he answered our questions with riddles, stories and songs.  One of these was the story of the musk deer which has stayed with me ever since.


It's told that while roaming through the Himalayas, the musk deer becomes mesmerized by a beautiful scent, and captivated by it he travels through forests, mountains and dangerous territory in search of its source, hoping there will be a great prize awaiting him.  Despite searching high and low, day and night, and sometimes feeling sure he’s getting closer, he ultimately never finds it. 

He’d made himself so busy that he didn't realize the source of this scent was always within himself, produced by a gland in his navel.  Sadder still, the musk deer is now an endangered species - with the human race also searching in all the wrong places, this beautiful creature is hunted and killed for the perfume industry.  This is a stunning metaphor for the way we live our lives at times, seeking and seeking outside of ourselves for the true treasure that lies within.

Woman Holding Heart


"To find ourselves it is necessary to discard many things that we have been taught. We must stop looking outside all the time for help. The answer to any problem is self-understanding, so we must begin by looking inward. You are the only thing you have and you are the most important thing in this universe to yourself. If you don't do it for yourself, no-one will do it for you" Francisco Coll.

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