Libra New Moon

Today September 28th 2019, the goddess Venus graces us with an elegant New Moon in Libra as she does just once a year. With the Sun and Moon in alignment in this graceful sign, themes surrounding love, relationships and balance are brought to the fore.  As with every New Moon, we're given a perfect moment to connect with our deeper selves, to set intentions and to feel our dreams manifesting into the world.

Libra is represented by the scales of justice and is concerned with equality and fairness for all. Consider themes of balance in your life - at home, work and in your closest friendships and relationships, even the relationship you have with yourself. Is there a sense of harmony, of equal giving and receiving? Or have you been reluctant to make your needs and wishes known? This New Moon brings us a fresh opportunity to review, balance and create greater harmony.


Libra is ruled by sumptuous Venus, goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. She represents the urge to make relationships, to cooperate and find common ground, how we value each other and ourselves, and that which we desire and brings us joy.

In Greek mythology, Venus' counterpart is Aphrodite and she appears in two forms, spiritual Aphrodite and earthly Aphrodite. Spiritual Aphrodite was born without a sexual union between mother and father, instead she sprang from the ocean into which Father Sky, Uranus' genitals had been thrown, representing a heavenly or celestial form of love.  Earthly Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus, supreme ruler of the gods and the Titan goddess, Dione. She is associated with sexuality, fertility and sensual pleasure. 

Venus of Urbino by Titian

Venus of Urbino by Titian, 1538

As human beings with one foot in the physical world and the other in the spiritual, maintaining a healthy balance between the two realms is a life long journey. With this Libra New Moon we can cultivate a greater balance of joy, pleasure and loving relationships in our lives. Here's a ritual suggestion to make the most of this beautiful Moon phase:

1. Cleanse - Indulge in a bath and wash away the worries of the day

2. Clear - Focus your mind with a meditation or candle gazing to focus your thoughts

3. Journal - Where in your world do you feel out of balance? Where are you giving or receiving unequally? Do any of your relationships, contracts or commitments bring you tightness when you think about them?

4. Create an altar in a safe space. Adorn the altar with symbols and 'correspondences', objects that have a natural affinity with Libra and Venus:

Colours: Light blue, lavender, pink, white, yellow

Herbs/garden: Rose, strawberry, spearmint, thyme, vanilla, violet

Stones: Rose quartz, opal, aquamarine, citrine, lapis lazuli

5. Visualize - Play soothing music in the background and feel your ideal relationships with a lover, friend, family member or co-worker. Know that you are capable of manifesting love, peace and harmony into all of your relationships. Send loving energy towards your deep self and to the individuals in mind - be they past, present or future.

6. Get clear - What are your desires? A new love relationship, improved work-life balance, more luxury 'you-time'? Write them down and place them on the altar. Pour your loving energy into them and feel gratitude for their presence in the world. 

7. Commit - What will you sacrifice and/or what action will you take to show the Universe you're serious? What steps can you take to meet the cosmos half way?

Libra New Moon Altar

Release, have trust in yourself and in the process.

With love and best wishes x

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