Leo Full Moon

Did I hear you say purrrrrrr? Tonight's gorgeous Full Moon is loud and proud, beckoning us to honour the majesty of our inner lions and lionesses. Leos are known for their courage, confidence, generosity and huge zest for life. Use this playful energy to celebrate who you are, all that brings you joy and everything that you're grateful for.

Leo Full Moon

Tonight's Moon also makes a harmonious trine aspect to planet of courage, Mars and with seductive Venus having just moved into the sign of pioneering Aries, fiery energy takes centre stage. This can be great for creativity, high energy, making bold moves and feeling passionate, but comes with warning bells to avoid power dynamics and dramatic displays.

Ideas to make the most of this intensified Leo energy:

  • Be bold - pounce on your goals. What's one brave leap you can take to commit to yourself and the universe that you're doing this?
  • Play - what do you love doing the most that you haven't nourished yourself with for a while? Leos are all about self-expression - paint, dance, sing, create like nobody's watching!
  • Love - shower yourself and your nearest and dearest with warmth, affection and romance.
  • Indulge - Leos love to surround themselves with beauty and can't resist that little slice of luxury. If it's within budget, use this Full Moon as permission to treat yourself guilt-free to that special item, meal or you-time that you deserve.

The biggest theme for a Leo Full Moon is fun! She comes but once a year in this regal sign and reminds us not to take life too seriously and to treat each moment as a precious gift.

Suggestion: Create an altar in a safe space, meditate and feel your intentions, visualize and commit to them. Adorn the altar with Leo symbols and 'correspondences', objects that have a natural affinity with the sign:

Colours: gold, red, scarlet, orange, yellow

Herbs/garden: sunflower, daffodil, peony, borage, saffron, cloves

Stones: tiger's eye, amber, carnelian, ruby, jasper, sunstone

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