Summer Solstice Party

As we launch into the start of a new journey and a new round of classes, it's been fun to review our favourite activities from the past two years that have brought us here. With thanks to all the faces and organizations that have made these experiences so enjoyable and encouraged the start of West Coast Skies.

Earth Spirit AltarEarth Based Spirituality Jodie and local Artist, Mary Bennett organized a five week Earth Spirit Series culminating in the 2019 Summer Solstice party shown above. With twenty beautiful souls we covered the basics of 'new paganism' including: creating sacred space and natural altars, honouring the seasons of the year, astrology and the moon's phases, creating magical tools and a herbal charm workshop.


Astrology & Tarot WorkshopsAstrology and Tarot With thanks to the Vancouver Foundation, Jodie has received grants to teach six week beginners Astrology and Tarot classes since 2017.  Students have studied the rich origins and symbology of these traditions, learning how to interpret birth charts and read the Tarot for self-empowerment and developing intuitive skills. Further workshops have also included an introduction to lunar phases and harnessing the power of the moon for intention setting.
Rune Stones Workshop

Norse Rune Stones Vancouver Unitarians Annual Women's Festival. After an introduction to Norse mythology and the meanings of the ancient runes, we provided the participants with handcrafted wooden discs and art supplies to create their own personal rune stones sets. With a meditation session and charging the runes at a sacred altar, participants learned how to cast the runes for their own personal divination.

Astrological Zodiac Masks

                                                    Story Time Jodie featured at the South Fraser Unitarians astrology service, giving a 20 minute talk: Astrology, A Modern Perspective, discussing a personal journey with astrology and spirituality along with Carl Jung's theories of synchronicity, archetypes and the collective unconscious. Just as fun was preparing the children's story and accompanying masks. It was very entertaining to see guests ranging from 5 to 100 years old acting out the characters of the zodiac!

 Ancient Zodiac Art


Art and Archetypes Archetypes are recurring images, symbols or themes that appear in artwork, stories and mythology throughout the ages. Jodie presented The Art of Astrology at the Creative Neighbours Salon, examining how astrological images vary in artistic expression through time, and gave an introductory Tarot reading workshop to the Vancouver Artist Trading Card group, inspiring their designs and creativity for the coming year.


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