Divination Lunar Magic

Fall 2019 was a very magical time at West Coast Skies. As well as our ongoing Tarot courses for beginners and advanced students, we offered two brand new sets of classes, an Introduction to Divination and an Introduction to Lunar Magic.

The five week divination series was co-hosted between Jodie of West Coast Skies, Local Artist and Longtime Witch, Louise Bunn, UBC Anthropology Professor, Sabina Magliocco and our coffee grounds reading expert, Roya Salar. Between us we introduced the students to a wide range of divinatory methods including: numerology, tarot, rune stones, pendulum making and tea leaf/coffee grounds reading.

Divination is used to reveal to us hidden knowledge or guidance through non-rational, imaginative means, and provides us with symbols that we may use to enter into and participate with the mystery.  As well as covering the practical techniques and their history, we discussed how to use them tactfully and ethically in a way to gain meaningful answers, and encouraged the students to consider the philosophy of divination.


The four week introduction to Lunar Magic combined basic astrology with magical traditions using the timing of the Moon's phases as a guide. Students were introduced to the rich history of magic and modern wiccan practice through a variety of workshop activities, rituals and guided meditations.

Magical working is based on the idea that the Universe is a single living being and that everything within it is connected through a network of resonating sympathies, correspondences and symbols. As well as being taught the theory and mythology of magic, the students learnt how to work practically with these energies, the Moon's phases and the twelve signs of the zodiac.

By the end of the course, the students were able to cast circles, create sacred space, call the four directions and engage with the four elements of earth, air, fire and water to perform ritual with intention. My favourite has to be the final session's Full Moon in Aries ceremony, charging Moon water with the energy of the group ritual and committing to taking a step forwards towards our goals.

Moon Phases Magic

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