Cancer Full Moon

Tonight's Full Moon in Cancer is a super-charged start to the new decade and it's ripe for magic. As well as lighting up its home sign of intuitive and emotional Cancer, this powerful Full Moon also forms a lunar eclipse and coincides with the first two major planetary transits of 2020. This is a big week astrologically and a mighty start to the new year.

Eclipses take place when the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned and are said to herald change, acting as catalysts for our evolutionary journey, shaking things up to make way for progress. In addition to this, on the very same day, Uranus, planet of innovation and revolution stations direct from its six month hibernation in retrograde motion. And the two heavyweight planets Saturn and Pluto are inching closer and closer to their much anticipated conjunction on Sunday December 12th. For the first time in around thirty-five years, Pluto, planet of rebirth meets Saturn, planet of tradition and authority. Think total transformation of outdated structures, breakthrough moments and facing the shadow to reach for the hidden treasure buried far beneath.

If you've been holding back from embracing your connection with the Moon and fighting an inner yearning to do so, make space tonight or this weekend while she's so powerfully charged and you'll be sure to have an experience to remember. 


Cancer is symbolized by the crab, a vulnerable sea creature who protects its soft core with a hard outer shell. Ruled by the Moon and instinctively feeling the rhythmic flow and ebb of the tides, Cancer has a strong connection to water and the watery realms of emotion, empathy and imagination.

So attuned to the emotions of others and the atmosphere around them, Cancerians can act as an emotional or psychic sponge if they haven't learnt how to protect their own energy. While providing this zodiac sign with nurturing and healing qualities, this can often mean the crab needs to withdraw and spend time alone to clear their aura.

With Cancer we see the caring and sensitive archetype of the Mother, meaning not only the mothering of children, but tending to and nurturing the seeds of creative projects and dreams into fruition. In the negative aspects of this sign however, we can also see a sense of insecurity, a clinging on to the past and a reluctance to change.


To consciously create in the future, we need to break through the limitations of the past. Use this weekend's energy to reflect on which outdated patterns or beliefs that you're holding onto, that are holding you back from consciously creating the life you desire. If you know your rising sign, here's a run down of which area of life this Full Moon lights up for you:

Aries - 4th House - Home, family, ancestry

Taurus - 3rd House - Communication, siblings, education

Gemini - 2nd House - Finances, values, possessions

Cancer - 1st House - Identity, persona, outlook

Leo - 12th House - Retreat, secrets, endings

Virgo - 11th House - Networks, friends, ideologies

Libra - 10th House - Career, ambitions, public image

Scorpio - 9th House - Travel, philosophy, beliefs

Sagittarius - 8th House - Sexuality, shared resources, rebirth

Capricorn - 7th House - Relationships, contracts, shadow

Aquarius - 6th House - Routine, ritual, health

Pisces - 5th House - Love, joy, creativity

If you can get outside, and even better near water to see the Moon tonight, please do so. It doesn't matter if this isn't possible, you can try to catch a patch of sky by sitting by the window or dim the lights of any room and visualize the Moon high above. Light candles, play soft music and create beautiful scents with incense or essential oil.

Feel the moonlight on your face, your hair, your skin, filling and clearing your entire aura. Let any feelings or memories surface, don't force it - be patient and gentle with yourself. Feel, open up, abandon your protective shell and defence mechanisms, allow yourself to be vulnerable with the Moon's gentle touch.

Which seeds do you wish to nurture for the new decade? Let your imagination roam with the tides, what will you commit to releasing and what do you wish to bring in? Make a declaration to the Moon that you're ready, that you've consciously recognized and made a decision to leave these habits, patterns or fears behind, knowing that you're able to step forwards into a newer version of you, freer to create and fulfil your soul's desires.

Cancer Full Moon

Suggestion: Create an altar in a safe space, meditate and feel your intentions, visualize and commit to them. Adorn the altar with Cancer symbols and 'correspondences', objects that have a natural affinity with the sign:

Colours: blue, green, silver

Herbs/garden: jasmine, lemon balm, daisy, honeysuckle, violet

Stones: moonstone, pearl, opal, quartz, selenite, amber

Sending you best wishes for a brand new decade that sees your deepest wishes and desires fulfilled. Interested to know more about astrology? Check out our upcoming Vancouver classes and please feel free to be in touch at